We work in television broadcasting since 1997. Over the years, we have operated on all kinds of productions with major Italian broadcasters such as Rai, Sky and Mediaset, especially in sports events, working for Serie A Tim, Serie BKT, Euro League, Champions League, Lega Basket Serie A, Basketball Champions League, Italian Volley League and many more.





6 camera - HD 16:9 1080i50 Outside Broadcast Van

Truck Specifications

Iveco Daily 35-160 Length mt. 7,40 FK-956-WP Year : 2017 External Power Supply : CEE 32A 380v Triphase
2 Coleman Mack Air-Conditioning System
Insulation Transformer
2 Separate Workspaces (audio-production) with 2 external doors

Equipment Specifications

Up to 6 TLC HD SONY HXC-100RT 2/3” 16:9 1080i50 – TRIAX – FULL STUDIO With SONY RCP-1500 and SONY CCU HXCU-100



DSNG Fully redundant with integrated a/v HD 1080i production system

up to 5 triax HD camera Or UHD/4k up to 8 Sony Fs7 cameras

Truck Specifications

Fiat Ducato Maxi 40 Q.LI DW-359-WV year : 2009 Coachbuilding by STI International
Eutelsat Authorization ITA-615
External Power Supply : CEE 32A Triphase or CEE 32A Monophase Coleman Air-Conditioning System
Insulation Transformer

Equipment Specifications

Up to 5 TLC HD SONY HXC-100 2/3” 16:9 1080i50 – TRIAX – FULL STUDIO With SONY RCP-1500 and SONY CCU HXCU-100



Power Generator and Tender Van Opel Movano TDI

Truck Specifications

TRI-PHASE 380V 36KVA Super-Silenced Power Generator
External Power Box 1x(63A 3p+e+n) - 3x(32A 3p+e+n) - 1x(32A monophase) - 1x(16A monophase)

Equipment Specifications

Up to 1200mt Triax cable (Fischer 8mm. & 11mm.)

Up to 240mt. Audio Xrl (12 lines)
Up to 300mt. Audio Xrl (8 lines)
Up to 100 mt Video Hd (5 lines)

Up to 300 mt Comp Video (2 lines)

02 Audio Diffusion System Master Audio 240w

10 kw Incandescent Lights
01 ARRI Fresnel H.M.I. 1,2kw 02 Lupo Light
02 Arri Fresnel 650w

Lighting Accessories

08 Cable-Cross

Sat Dish 80cm. Tv Antenna

Power Cables and Adaptors


Telecamere multiple su supporti


Young offers various solutions to broadcast live events from any place and environmental condition.


DSNG - Satellite Uplink

Technologically advanced, our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary equipment for

satellite video connections, from simple stand-ups to integrated OBVan / DSNG

services with live direction up to 5 Cams.



In addition to satellite broadcasts, Young also offers Live and On-Demand streaming services.

Combined with Fly direction or OBVans, our services meet all the needs for the live shooting of shows, events, sports and conferences.



The “backpack” for live broadcast allows you to go live on TV or the Web from anywhere, even on the go. It is perfect for news and suitable for all situations where no uplink unit is needed.


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We have been providing television integration services for the major Italian and European televisions for years. We have a long experience in sporting events such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and various swimming specializations, but also in the world of entertainment,

fashion, live music and theatre.